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Staff Transfer Skill Assessment

It is not practical to totally eliminate manual effort from the transfer process, even with the use of patient assist transfer equipment.  Most equipment still requires the installation of straps belts and often some repositioning before the transfer is performed. An effective safe patient handling program begins with a staff trained in the best practices for manual safe patient handling.

Best practices have changed dramatically over the last 10 years since we have been training hospital personnel in manual safe patient handling.  During that time we have trained more than 10,000 staff one-on-one.  Our skill enhancement programs.

Key program elements

Hands on Training (1.5-2hr.) – Class size <10

Physical Skill Review (15 min.)  Students must demo their patient handling skills.  (3wks after training)

Online Knowledge Testing (Quarterly 1st Year)

  • Fundamentals of Manual Transfer
  • Basic Manual Transfer Techniques
  • Advanced Transfer Techniques
  • Final Skill Review


  • Annual Transfer Skill Knowledge Testing Annually
  • New Hires Training Program


Tell, Demo and Perform style insures each student understands the principles of manual patient handling.

v  Introduction to skill enhancement
v  Tools of the trade
v  Preparing the patient to transfer
v  Preparing yourself to transfer
v  The stand pivot without the swivel
v  The squat pivot without the swivel
v  The slide board without the swivel
v  The swivel description and use
v  The stand pivot with the swivel
v  The squat pivot with the swivel
v  The slide back with the swivel
v  The slide board with the swivel
v  The two person transfer with the swivel
v  The knee supported transfer with the swivel
v  The vest transfer
v  Proof you can transfer a larger person safely and easily

This basic training program is essential for all caregivers who perform patient-handling and movement tasks.  Some staff will need additional training on the appropriate mechanical transfer equipment including the safe patient assessment.  Best practices include an annual skill review for all active staff members to insure adequate knowledge of the safe patient handling skills.

No Lift Patient Handling

  • One-on-One In House Education and Training
  • On Line Video Library of Transfer Techniques
  • On Line Test Center
  • Train the Trainer Program
  • Comprehensive Learning Program for the Entire Staff
  • All Techniques Meet or Exceed OSHA’s Strict Guidelines
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