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Safe Patient Handling Basic Assement Test


Find out now if your staff has the knowledge of the fundamentals of a safe patient transfer.

Failure to understand basic manual transfer techniques puts your staff and their patients at risk. The assessment will determine the level of understanding within your facility.

The confidential results will be compiled and compared to other facilities in our baseline hospital network.

Test 20 or more if you want the Safe Patient Handling Transfer Safety Assessment.

Here is how it works:

  1. Instruct the staff of when you want the test completed by. It will only require 10 minutes
  2. Provide each staff member with the same 4 digit code. This code will identify all the test results to be compiled into the report.
  3. This is not a pass or fail test. We are simply measuring overall knowledge for an important skill set.   We are not reporting their individual scores but only the collective results for comparative purposes to help you evaluate the overall risk.

Send an email notifying us you are complete with the test.   We will collect the scores and plot them providing you a skill assessment report. This report will show how your scores compare to our baseline hospitals and offer a risk score based on the critical nature of the missed questions.

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