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We Are SafePatientHandlingSafe Patient Handling.

Powerful Safe Patient Handling Transfer Techniques and Training Solutions that Help Your Staff Meet OSHA Guidelines

Expert Solutions in Safe Patient Handling

Manual Patient Transfers

These are carried out by one or more caregivers using their own muscular force and, wherever possible, any assistance of the patient involved.

Portable Lifting Transfers

Portable lift sling device used on patients who are totally dependent, are partial- or non-weight bearing, are very heavy, or have other physical limitations.

Lateral Repositioning

Devices to reduce friction force when transferring a resident such as a slide boards and air-assist lateral sliding aid or flexible mattress inflated by portable air supply.

Lateral Patient Transfers

Lateral transfers, sitting a resident/patient up, moving them up the bed and turning them from one side to the other.

Why Safe Patient Handling?

Safe Patient Handling US is a group of transfer equipment manufacturers, trainers, researchers and consultants who have a stake in minimizing injuries resulting from the transfer, and repositioning of patients in healthcare facilities.

Safe Patient Handling Transfers in Action

Test you staff to determine their understanding of the fundamentals of a safe patient transfers. For more information request the Guide to Optimal Safe Patient Transfers. This guide includes a wide variety of solutions.

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